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www.w66.com|利来国际w66网站||海特集团旗下天津宜捷海特获得EASA Part 145批准

         近日,经过欧洲航空安全局 (EASA) 的审核,www.w66.com|利来国际w66网站||海特集团旗下的天津宜捷海特通用航空服务有限公司成功取得 EASA Part-145维修许可认证,正式成为中国大陆第一且唯一被授予EASA Part-145权威认证的公务机维修公司,至此,www.w66.com|利来国际w66网站||海特集团旗下的运输飞机、公务飞机、部附件维修工程业务,全都具有CAAC(中国民航局)、EASA(欧洲航空安全局)、FAA(美国联邦航空管理局)的许可认证。


       作为行业领先标志的专业认证,只有达到最高安全标准的飞机维修公司才能取得,而最高的安全标准将意味着我们所维修的飞机,乘坐飞机的乘客和机组人员的安全更能得到保证。宜捷海特总经理保罗表示: "非常高兴欧洲航空安全局能够高度认可我们的维修和安全标准。宜捷海特成立以来一直遵循 EASA Part-145的最高标准开展飞机维修业务,此次取得认证是对我们能力的肯定。航空产业的发展离不开高质量的维护工作, 作为提供航空维修服务的企业,我们有责任确保我们的服务水平达到最高标准。”



ExecuJetHaite receives EASA Part 145 Approval

Following a successfulaudit by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), ExecuJet Haite AviationServices China is celebrating their EASA Part-145 certification for its mainbase at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, China. ExecuJet Haite now becomesthe first and only business jet focused MRO in mainland China to be awarded theprestigious EASA Part-145 certification.  


The industry-leading certificate is awarded when a maintenance facility (MRO) complies with the safety standards necessary to inspect andmaintain aircraft and aircraft parts, thus ensuring the safety of the maintenance team, passengers and flight crew. The approval includes the abilityto conduct both Line and Base Maintenance activities on Dassault Falcon 7X/8Xaircraft with additional types to be added later this year.  


Paul Desgrosseilliers,general manager, ExecuJet Haite, says: “It is a great pleasure for our maintenance and safety standards to be certified by the European AviationSafety Agency. Our operations have always complied with the required standardsfor EASA Part-145 certification and we’re delighted our hard work has beenformally recognised to this effect. The aviation industry relies on soundmaintenance and we, as a provider, have a responsibility to ensure we do thisto the highest standards.”


About ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China


ExecuJet Haite AviationServices China Co. Ltd is a full-service state-of-the-art business jetdedicated facility located at Binhai International Airport in Tianjin, China.The company provides a range of aviation services including aircraftmaintenance, technical support and AOG services in Tianjin, Beijing, andthroughout Greater China. ExecuJet Haite holds CAAC, EASA, FAA, Cayman, HongKong, and Macau approvals and is an authorized service center for DassaultFalcon Jet, Embraer Executive Jets, Bombardier, as well as GE and Rolls-Royceon various engine types. ExecuJet Haite also offers line and base maintenancesupport on multiple Gulfstream models and line support for both the Boeingbusiness jet and Airbus corporate jet.